I have a MacBook Pro 13" (2011 version), Brother MFC-9440CN color multifunction printer attached via Ethernet cable to my network, and a Belkin wireless router. My MBC accesses the network wirelessly.

Question: often when I print to my Brother printer, the print spooler says that it can't find my printer and that the printer may be offline. It seems that when I put my MBP to sleep and then wake it back up, the print job will complete. I can also get the print job to go if I disconnect and reconnect my MBP from my wireless network.

While these approaches do work for getting print jobs to complete, they are inelegant, to say the least. Is there a reason why my MBP is only finding my printer when I disconnect/reconnect, either by sleeping/waking my MBP or otherwise? More to the point, are there settings I should be looking at to get my print jobs to work without having to disconnect/reconnect?

Thanks for any advice!