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    Wireless keeps cutting out?

    I am currently using a Speedtouch 550 router from my Dell desktop so my PB could connect to it via wireless. When I start up my computer again after using the internet without any problems, my airport cuts me out from connecting to my speedtouch. Does anybody know why?

    It's driving me mad!!

    I have to keep fiddling around with it, then randomly it connects back!. It used to automatically connect, and now it won't.


    Any help would be appreciated,


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    I have noticed something in the past about if you don't have your computer to connect automatically. I would have my iBook connect to my wireless signal automatically, and the signal would reach to the end of the house just fine. However, when I didn't have my iBook connect automatically, the wifi signal in the same location would pretty much be nonexistent. I could be paranoid about this, but it might be the case, not sure.

    To auto join, Sys. Pref., Network, under "Show:" select AirPort, under "By default, join:" select Preferred networks, then select the wireless network, then press the plus button.

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    When I got my Mini I had that problem until I got this advice to change the Wireless Roter Channel and change Security from WEP to WPA...

    Everything is smooth, connected and full strenght signal.

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    Thanks. Yes, it's a bit better now. Change it to prefered network and WPA. When I started up the machine, my airport regonised the wireless with full signal. But, the internet pages won't load unless I click it to ''Interfernce robustness'' which loads the page (It keeps returning to default settings everytime). Odd, I've never had to do that before, but now.

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