I currently have a hodgepodge of stuff making up my home network. It consists of:
-Windows 7 (64-Bit) machine
-(2) MacBook Pro's
-Mac Mini
-Airport Extreme (N)
-Xbox 360

Now, I have had limited success streaming content from my Win 7 machine to my xbox 360 via Cat 6. I can access the media center console page on the xbox and connect to the computer fine, but when streaming m4v's (not even HD ones) over the network, it seems to slowdown and stall out when in the Media Center console. I have checked many places to make sure the format and bit rates are ok and they all fall within parameters. The odd thing is I have no issue streaming Netflix on the xbox or connecting to Live (have an Open NAT). If I connect the computer directly to the xbox via Cat 6, it works fine (and fast), so, I suspect that the router is giving me issue. Any advice?