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    Speakers for Airport / wireless use
    Hi there

    I'm looking at setting up a wireless system in my house. I have Mac Book Pro and iPhone 4.

    I'm looking at having at a speaker in kitchen and bathroom etc

    Can't really afford anything fancy. Something simply will do.

    Just wondering what affordale speakers for use in such a set up people can recommend.

    Any advice or tips etc are welcome


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    What is your budget?

    Are you looking to play just itunes music?

    Are you looking to use airplay off of the iPhone?

    Do you have speakers and an amp already or do you need to buy those as well? What is the budget for that?

    To give you an idea of the range of options I have - a bluetooth receiver plugged into a bose portable speaker - that can pair with either an iOS device or my Macbook pro, I have 3 Airport Expresses wired into various systems in the house (1 old stereo stack, 1 Harman Kardon 5.1 channel system, 1 set of wireless outdoor speakers from Sharper Image) an Apple TV wired into a TV setup. I have a program called Airfoil that can stream any sound out of my Macbook Pro, and the AEs and the ATV can all use Airplay or Airfoil to receive audio.

    Anyway - the speaker systems range from worthless (an old Sony stack system that you could pick up at a garage sale for under $100) to Expensive - the HK receiver plus 5 Energy Speakers and an Energy powered subwoofer.

    One man's simple is another man's lame - so probably need more info.

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    Note: Modified title of both threads since you're not really looking for the "best" in either of them.
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