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    MacBook Pro wireless to Bravia TV?

    I am wondering if and how I can connect my Macbook Pro (3+ yrs old) wirelessly to my new Bravia TV....

    I have a Macbook Pro that I use wirelessly with my modem and Time Capsule (1st generation). My new tv is a Bravia KDL46EX720. I have installed a wireless adapter Sony UWA-BRA100 on my tv. (I also have a Blu-ray home theater Sony BDV-E580 connected to tv.)

    My tv does recognize my home network. I am able to do a wired connection of my tv to my MBP using an HDMI (tv) / ??? connector (MPB) (two sets of 9 tiny pins and one other pin in large plug w/2 screws that fits into my mbp). Using this I can use tv as a monitor.

    My question is -- can I WIRELESSLY use my tv as a monitor/for streaming from my mbp? If yes, can I get audio as well (either through tv or home theater speakers)? How do I do it?

    I have managed to install all of this thus far myself but don't really know how to get the streaming to work wirelessly. It's not obvious to me when I run through the tv controls/instructions. Now I'm wondering if it is even possible.

    Any help is much appreciated! Thank you. :-)

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    Attaching an Apple TV2 will allow for wireless streaming from any Apple Device.
    Apple TV2 has HDMI connection and Optical Connecetion for 5.1 Surround Sound.

    I am not sure if you had considered this, and it only costs $100.


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