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    Apr 09, 2011
    App Store Problems (Network related, probelm occurs on iMac, iPhone and iPad)
    Not sure what is causing this:

    DAE App Stores constantly look like this? - Imgur

    All Mac products connected to my network have problems loading the App stores. Not only is it extremely slow, but all the App icons on the store don't load. It only occurs on my network (iPhone on 3G has no problem loading the App Store).

    My ISP is Comcast where I average speeds of 20Mbps, and I have already tried a complete network reset. All of my software (including OS and iOS) on all of my products are completely up to date.

    Edit: Should have mentioned that a PC on the same network does not have this problem with the iTunes App Store.

    Any ideas of what could be causing it?

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    Jan 15, 2013
    I ve the same issue
    Hi, did you find a solution? I've the same issue and I've to connect through a VPN to access the AppStore.

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