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    Panther is not letting me network...
    Having problems getting my PB w/Panther to see my Windows machine. I reformatted today, and got everything working in Panther for the most part, but I couldn't seem to be able to connect to my desktop computer where all my files are backed up. It would work if I did a direct link with cat5, but the airport wouldn't work. For internet it was ok though. Anyway, I reformatted and figured out how to partition and all that and got everything working dandy. Well, I still cant get any networking to work. Only the internet works, with either airport, or ethernet. I can ping with both, and they respond, but I cannot access the network, with either airport or ethernet. I have windows filesharing on, the IP's aren't blocked. All the settings are the same as they were before I had all this trouble. Any ideas how in the hell I can make this work? I got about 10gb of files that I need to transfer. Anyway, thanx for the help.

    Stealth -

    P.S. With Jag I had no problems, when when I upgraded to Panther I still had no problems. But now I do.

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    Well, for some reason it works now. Go figure. Thanx anyway.

    Stealth -

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