This seems to be an issue many users are complaining about. Can anyone confirm if they are experiencing the same issue or are aware of any information from Apple regarding this issue?:

Issue: In OS X it is possible to see varied and reduced network capabilities from the airport in comparison to previous model macs. To test this run a terminal and ping your router. If you get results that are widely variable, from 2ms to 300ms etc, constantly changing, you may have this issue.

Other symptoms, inability to connect to router, disconnect from router after short period of time.

In Windows 7 (Bootcamp), same issue with ping requests. Also if in close proximity to router you can access internet, when in another room, internet is unavailable, moving back into room internet becomes available, via Airport.

Compare this to any other computer you have, old mac or windows and you will see a consistent 1-2ms response from the router and ZERO network issues