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Thread: Opinions on dual band routers

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    Opinions on dual band routers
    Its been awhile since I needed to own my own router as the internet service provider I just dropped provided a very good one...anyway...

    I plan on replacing my old Linksys G router with a dual band simultaneous N router due to the number of devices in the house, and the expectation of even more.

    Currently have a blu-ray, 2 iPhones, Mac Pro Laptop, Work Dell Laptop, Wii, PS2, and an ipod that connect wirelessly and the old G5 desktop connects wired. Expect in the next year or two for a couple of more laptops to be addded as well as another gaming system for the kids and would like my choice to last a few years.

    I picked up a Cisco E2000 not realizing it was not simultaneous dual band, plan on returning it this week and picking up another router. I think I have narrowed down the choices to the Apple Airport Extreme, Cisco E4200, or D-Link AirPremier

    I realize that many persons on this forum currently have the Airport Extreme as its the MAC answer, wondering if it has a couple capabilities the Cisco routers have. Specifically can I specify internet access times (and/or even block certain sites) for specific devices? I do like being able to limit the kids iPods/Phones from connecting after a certain hour on school nights. Is there the ability to give a "Guest" password" allowing people internet access without gaining access to my actual home network?

    Also if anyone on this forum is using the E4200 or AirPremier, I would appreciate any review good or bad of your experience using these.

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    I love the Airport Extreme. It works perfectly.

    It has a guest network, etc. This site should have more info:
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    I've got a few routers, including the previous generation of the Airport Extreme, and my brother has a Cisco/Linksys E3000. From what I know of my Airport and what I've seen of the E3000 I actually prefer the Linksys as it seems to give you better access to the various features and capabilities. The Airport works pretty well, but one of our Windows laptops (a Dell) won't associate with it, and the user interface is not a clear and simple as one might expect from Apple. These are just my opinions, so you might also want to check out the various reviews at

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    First post (pls be gentle!)

    Having owned both, I much prefer the E4200 to be honest.

    In particular the Cisco can stream media with ease to my mac/ipad and Windoze laptop from usb nas, however the Airport struggled with this.

    On a minor cosmetic point, the combo power/status light on the Airport is very bright if locating in a cabinet - particularly off putting beneath a tv. Sure a piece of tape resolves, but not much of a solution when you DO actually need to see the routers status.

    I don't like Apple's GUI mgt tool either - you can't manage the Airport from an iPad which is ridiculous. The Cisco has a web interface and can therefore be managed from any device on my network.

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    I have been a linksys fan since way back. way back...

    I am getting ready to upgrade (again) my router since, while I have an N router (Linksys) it is not a sim-Dual Band. This was fine as all the devices I had were all N, however my roommate just picked up a used laptop that is G. Well, lets just say the difference is very noticeable.

    I have looked at a good number of routers in the last few weeks trying to make my mind up. Yes, interface is a consideration, but then so is storage for me. I plan on being able to use a network HD device in order to store my iTunes stuff (all 300gb worth) in order to be accessed by 3 different machines. I also want to move my Time Machine backups to a new, larger capacity drive.

    For me, it is basically coming down to the Airport Extreme. As I can put whatever size drive I want and use it from wherever. Yes, there are other NAS devices, however I have not found any mention of being able to utilize them over the network for TimeMachine.
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    I have had Linksys,D-Link and AEBS the later has treated me the best with the plus of being able to control 2 Airport Expresses to deliever iTunes to my Hi-fi in the living room and bedroom and control it through the iPhone.

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    I have the Cisco E3000 router since it first came out. I have 4 Windows laptops, a Wii, Xbox360, Dish receiver, Samsung Blue Ray player, Dell server, iPad and soon to be adding an iMac i7. Everything connects fine on wireless to the 2.4ghz band but only the Xbox seems to work without a problem on the 5ghz band. When I connect my iPad to the 5ghz band I can't access anything with the wireless, switching back and it works fine.

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    I have had both the AE4 and the current AE5. I absolutely love the AE5 and it's better than the previous version with much better range. The setup is simple as it can be. I've got 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, an iMac, MBP, 2 PCs, 3 printers and a blu-ray player on it with no problems.
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