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    Question Help! Belklin F5D7051 USB network adapter
    I recently bought the Belklin F5D7051 High Speed Network adapter. I was unflustered by the lack of a "Built For OSX" sticker as I've bought many Belkin accessories that worked fine regardless, such as the modem/router I bought with my F5D7051 High Speed Network wireless adapter. Now I can't get the blasted thing to work on my iBook G3 running OS10.3! I've found drivers for the F5D7050 but none for this model!!

    It's extra annoying as System profiler can see the adapter so what's the deal?!

    Short of selling the thing, can anyone help me? Belkin doesn't even provide downloadable versions of the Windows drivers at present as far as I can see.


    Thanks in hope!

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    What country did you buy the card from? On the North American Belkin site they do not list that part number as an available part. It doesn't even show up in a site search. They also list the F5D7050 as out of stock.

    I assume you bought it at the dsl-warehaouse since there are only five links in a google search. Three to them and two posts from you. I hope you have a receipt. Buyer beware.

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