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    Macs see printers on Airport Extreme, Parallels 6 and Win XP can't! Any Idea?
    I have some software that I can only run on windows XP. I run parallels 6.

    I have 2 x Dymo labelwrite printers hooked up to my airport extreme they both work via Bonjour on my macbook pro and mac pro without trouble.

    Bonjour printer wizard does not see the printers in XP. However if I enable them as sharing on either the mac pro or macbook pro the printers appear. I really want to share directly from the airport extreme in windows XP.

    Anyone shed any light on why bonjour printer wizard can't find anything directly connected to the airport extreme?


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    How is your networking on Parallels setup? Bridged, NAT, Host only? I am going to guess NAT because you can see them when shared with the host Mac. Try switching to Bridged and see if that helps. If that isn't it - then post as much information as possible about your network setup in Parallels.

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    thanks for your reply, I installed Airport utility for windows. It couldn't see my extreme.

    So I played with my settings and switched to airport bridged. Bonjour now see's printers and airport extreme. Everything working great

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