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    Interesting Airport Extreme vs Airport Express Problem
    Hey everyone! I have an interesting problem with my home wireless network. Basically I'm creating a wireless network with a brand new Dual Band Airport Extreme and then trying to join it with my older Gigabit Airport Extreme in the living room with various ethernet clients plugged into it.

    My old setup was the Gigabit Airport in the office creating an N Only 5GHz network and an Airport Express in the living room that joined the network and allowed ethernet clients (through a switch) this worked great and was generally connected at 270Mb with a very good signal:noise ratio from the wire log screen in the airport utility.

    My new setup was suppose to be the new Dual Band Airport creating a b/g network and an N only 5GHz network (hidden option) with the Gigabit Extreme joining in the living room with the ethernet clients and the Express in the bedroom with ethernet clients. Problem is there is no "join" option on the Gigabit Extreme so I did "Extend Wireless Network" and disallowed wireless clients. The problem I get with this is it's SO SLOW, the connection rate looks fine usually around 120 but the signal is incredibly low and the ethernet devices barely work.

    Pressing the option key allows me to select "join wireless network" but there is no "allow ethernet clients" like there is on the Express. When I join the network the signal strength is right back up and it connects at 300Mb but the ethernet clients plugged in don't work.

    I set both the extremes up as a WDS and everything works great, but nothing can connect to N and they connect at 54Mb. I knew this was going to happen because of WDS being an "g thang" but I wanted to see what happens.

    Ditching the Gigabit Extreme and going back to the Express joining the N only 5GHz network created by the new Dual Band Extreme with ethernet clients connecting through a switch makes everything work perfect again.

    Any one have any ideas why extending the wireless network is soooooo slow and/or why the "join" option doesn't allow ethernet clients?

    -2.4GHz channel is manual, set on 1
    -5GHz channel is manual, set on 36 (this doesn't help no matter how I set it)
    -Express is firmware 7.5.2
    -Gigabit Extreme is 7.5.2 (was at 7.4.2 when this started and the upgrade -didn't help)
    -Dual Band is 7.5.1 (I had problems with 7.5.1 on my Gigabit Extreme so I'm scared to update)

    Thanks so much in advance for any help!


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    What year is the Extreme? If it is the 2008 version then it is either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. (Actually the Express is that way as well)
    Apple - Support - Technical Specifications
    Anyway - are you sure it is hooking up to the 5GHz band? Did you have the 5GHz band named something different? For example I have mine named myhomenetwork5ghz and the 2.4 band is named myhomenetwork. Then you know which network you are hooking up to. The 54Mb makes it sound like it is connecting to the G network.

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    Gigabit Extreme is single band. I'm only trying to join the 5GHz network which is named differently than my 2.4GHz network. I am sure they're connecting to the 5GHz, says so right in the logs from the dual band extreme.

    When it was connected at 54 it was the g network... It was a WDS network which doesn't work over N

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