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    Smile Extend AE WAN w powerline adaptor
    We have a very old house that has some walls with metal sheathing in the walls that interferes with the airport extreme signals. Presently we have the AE base station on the second floor and another AE on the first floor to extend the signal. The first floor signal is unreliable and spotty. I was told to get aa homeplug or powerline adaptor to extend the signal downstairs but cannot find any apple information on how this works or the best equipment to use. Anyone have any experience with this? I want to use a "powerline type" adaptor to move the signal down to the first floor and plug the 2nd AE station in a location where it can extend to the dead spots. I am guessing I would first find the best "adaptor". Then, starting with my existing AE setup, run an ethernet cable from the base station to the "adaptor" which would be plugged into the wall. Plug the second "adaptor" into the wall downstairs and use another ethernet wire from adaptor to the 2nd AE , creating a stronger wireless signal on the first floor.
    Any Ideas? The house is over 100yrs old and running wires anywhere is a nightmare.

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    Read through this article before you decide what to do or buy anything.


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    powerline adaptors
    Thanks, I have been able to find very general information, similar to the article. I am hesitant as the most recent information is 2007? And I have not yet found anyone that has actually used it to extend the Airport Extr wireless. Most of the discussions seem to indicate the computer is hardwired via ethernet cable at the extended powerline site. I would like to use it to get an ethernet connection to the second extended Airport extreme base station. Can I use all the same network information, addresses etc? I am also curious as to why Apple does not seem to have any information on this subject.

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    I use the AV powerline to connect my xbox 360 so I can stream movies. I don't know why you are looking for Apple information on it, they don't make it. You can hook up any network device to an Apple network by wired with hardly any trouble. Usually the issue comes from extending wireless networks wirelessly as that is mostly a proprietary proposition. For what you want to do - the powerline solution is probably the best - as you shouldn't suffer interference issues with a wired connection between your two base stations.

    Actually do you mean Airport Extreme or Airport Express? It should work with either but the Extreme is probably a little easier to setup (as the Express you have to setup the Ethernet port correctly)

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