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    How to boost Mac Mini Airport signal out
    Hey. I'm a noob. I admit it. I have a Mac Mini (2007 model) and I've been happy with it for the last 3 years or so. What I want to know is how to increase or amplify the wireless signal that the Mini emits so that I can use my peripheral wireless devices further away from my Mini. I've seen some USB "repeaters" and antennas for about $100 or more, but I was thinking more like a device that I could plug in up in my attic in the center of house that would both receive the signal from my Mini and then amplify and re-send the signal to the other end of my house. Is there anything like this out there? I'm really at a loss when it comes to wireless networking and all the n's and g's and WEP's and stuff, so please keep the terminology as layman friendly as you can. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    The only successful way(wireless) i have had on a large area was using an Airport Extreme with several Airport Express's it can be set up several ways the instructions that come with it
    are easy and as far as WEP never I always try to use WPA2.

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    You can get greater range by doing one or more of three things.
    1) Get a router that has an antenna port to add an external antenna, and then add an amplified external antenna
    2) Get an amplified external antenna for your receiving product (computer, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.) specifically for use with the type of router that you have (e.g. an "N" router.)
    3) Get repeaters

    I really like this product for use with laptops:

    Wireless (WiFi) Internet Booster x10
    Better WiFi

    Check out this article:
    How To Change Your Wi-Fi Channel Number | How To Do Things


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    My recommendation is to see if your router can be "stacked". I have Cisco/Linksys routers at home... one where the cable comes into the house, and one on the far end of the house. The second one is "stacked" onto the first one, which means it is essentially a repeater. The stacked router must be connected to the original router by LAN cable. Some routers cannot be stacked, and there are a few ways to set them up. Check with your router manufacturer, or do some google searching and see if yours can handle it.

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