Hi all. New to the Mac world, "gotta wonder why it took me so long" and am trying to get this MacBook Pro to talk wifi to a lexmark printer. I understand that a wireless router can be set up in an ad-hoc config without an internet connection. The ? is how? I have a LinkSys WRT54G V.2 wireless router to use, but can not seem to find any software for the LinkSys use with the Mac. Is a wireless router even needed for this application? Can this Mac do this on its own?

The Mac OS is 10.6.6 and I do have an internet connection thru a Verizon USB device. Those, with the LinkSys as described are what I have to work with. Can my goal be achieved with what I have now or do I need alternative hardware/software?

I will keep searching for info, however, if anyone has an answer here, it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help...