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    I can't get my iBook to network with my XP machine
    I tried everything... Go->Connect to Server...-> but it wouldn't find my network...i really think the problem is with the Windows machine because you know whenever you click on "setup network" and then you can choose whether other computers connect to the internet through that pc or whether that pc connects to the internet through other computers? Well, my windows machine will NOT let me choose that THAT machine connects to the internet and other machines connect TO it... if you understand what I am saying... so I guess what I am asking is HOW do you network a Mac to connect to a Windows machine. Thanks

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    If you're sharing broadband with an ethernet router. A lot of routers come with built in switches to share internet. If yours doesn't you'll need to get one. If you don't have a router at all you should get one, preferably with a built in switch. If yu're using DSL the router may require additional configuration. See your ISP documentation. If you're using cable you should be all set, although there are options in most routers that users take advantage of.

    Configure each machines network interface for dhcp. This is the default for both OS's so unless you've been mucking with settings this should be already done.

    Connect both machine via ethernet cable to router/switch. Reboot machines.

    Make sure that Mac and Windows built in firewalls are off if you'd like to share files between them.

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