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    Exclamation Setting up my home network?
    I will be setting up wireless network in my home in the coming weeks.

    I have two main laptops that I want to be able to connect to the network:
    iBook G4 with Airport
    Siemens Laptop running windows XP ... no wireless capabilities.

    I need to know what do I need to buy and how to set up the network. Im on a pretty limited budget.

    All help very much appreciated.



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    It seems like all you will need is a wireless router and probably an ethernet cable. You run a cable from the modem to the router, and then from the router to the xp laptop. The IBook will run wireless. Im not too great at making networks, it took me forever to set up my router until I figured out that I was doing it all wrong. I just used the wireless network option under control panel in windows xp (before I got my mac) to set up the router and the network.

    To hook the mac and pc together use this link, it says its for 10.3 but it works with tiger:

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    if you want internet on all the computers get a linksys wireless router and get a wireless PCI card for your windows computer if it has a PCI slot or you can get USB card and you should be good. The wireless card for your windows computer doesnt have to be linksys my advice us if you dont know much about computer get all one brand router +wireless card so you can call and get help from the compan if needed. if you want to network your comptuers to share files i see that you only have laptops i wouldnt recomend that since you should have a base server on all the time like a desktop. but you can still share files just you will have to log into the other computer everytime you want to share a file vs having a server type comptuer thats on all the time that you dont have to log into.

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