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    got wifi signal but safari says NO ?
    hope someone can shed some light on this.

    4 years old macbook pro logged on to my home wifi as I have done for the last 4 years, wifi picks up my signal, connection verified by full 4 bars on top menu display, open safari and - you are not connected to the internet.

    strange ??

    My iphone - same wifi signal. works perfectly
    My sons ipod touch - same wifi signal. works perfectly

    Unplugged, shut down, re booted everything and still the same situation. picks up the signal and safari says you are not connected.

    firefox & mail - still the same

    8 year mac user - first real problem which I have had.

    All help and advice is greatly received.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What if you go to a website via IP, like is one of Googles. If that works, it's DNS related. Can you see any other machines on your network? If so, that could also be a routing issue (i.e., you're staying inside your "internal" private network).

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    When I'm having network issues like this, this first thing I do is open my Network System Preference. I check two things -
    1. At the bottom of the list of network connections, I click the gear and select Set Service Order. I make sure Ethernet is first, then Airport and everything else below that. Apple ships computers with Bluetooth given the highest priority for network traffic, and sometimes your requests hit a brick wall trying to resolve through Bluetooth. This will lower Bluetooth's priority below Ethernet and Airport.
    2. If that doesn't resolve it, I create a new location. Under the Locations pulldown, I select Edit Locations. I press the + button to create a new location, call it anything you like, make sure it's highlighted and click OK. Make sure you're on your new Location, click Apply and test your browser.
    Hope these help!

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