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    share internet connect from macbook to xbox using wifi
    I have a macbook and a Verizon wireless air card and a xbox 360 with wifi. What I want to do is share my internet connect from my mac to play games on xbox live, I have done this before but I used a ethernet cable to connect my xbox to my mac, but I have wifi on my xbox and an airport on my mac so I should be able to connect the 2 using a wireless connection and not have to jack with the wire. I guess it would be like using my mac as a router for my xbox. I have googled this and all i can come up with is people talking about how to do it using a ethernet cable but I want to do it wirelessly. if anybody has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it..


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    It should be possible. Once you connect the Verizon card, you should get some sort of a modem available in your Network System Preferences - you need to set this accordingly. Then you can just go to Sharing, select the modem as the "from" and airport as "to".

    I don't have Verizon, but the T-Mobile usb stick I use has it's own application to connect, however, if I input the same settings it uses under the modem in Network System preferences, it works fine.

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