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    Unable to delete old USB settings, new USB brings up old settings
    I just got a MacBook Pro for Christmas so am still learning how to use it. My brother plugged in his Optus USB wireless internet stick which worked fine. Now I have put in my internet stick and it opens in the set up that his internet stick installed. So when I put mine in it opens up the Optus window however when I click on the Connect button it doesn't work as my stick isn't through Optus. I can't seem to get rid of this, I have tried dragging the Optus icon into the trash and emptying the trash but everytime I plug my stick in it brings up the Optus window. The window has no option to change the settings or select a different network. I called my internet company but they weren't able to offer any suggestions. Maybe someone here could help? In very simple language please, I am not at all good with technology or computers and know nothing about them. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by L2L View Post
    I have tried dragging the Optus icon into the trash and emptying the trash
    What icon? Fromt he Applications folder?
    You might need to install some additional software that came along with your usb stick - sometimes it gets installed automatically (like in the case of your brothers Optus - sometimes you need to install it yourself. Was there a cd with your usb stick?

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    The icon is the Yes Optus icon that sits down the bottom of the screen with all the other program icons.

    Unfortunately no the stick didn't come with any software and is just supposed to install what it needs automatically. This is what it did on my PC but now everytime I plug it in it just brings up the Optus settings. This is so frustrating!

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    When you plug your usb stick in is there an icon that shows up on the desktop?

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