Hi Guys (I'm Danish so please excuse spell errors etc.)

I've searched but not found the right answer - I'm sorry if this is redundant.

I have an Extreme Base station which has been running for a while now, and just brought home an Express unit today. The simple task that I'm trying to carry out is to set up a WDS with the Extreme as the base station and then using the Express to extend the range.

For once I'm having some trouble setting up an apple product. So please, how do I do this??

In Airport utility, in the "Wireless" tab, the Extreme has been set up to "Allow extension of network" (translated from Danish language). I can't find anything that says something about setting the Extreme up an a WDS "Main unit" that I can point the Extreme to.

Then I have tried to setup the Express as a WDS relay unit using the Extremes Ethernet-ID, but it then flashes amber and stalls...

I'm lost!! (but really hope I made myself clear so someone can help - it's a little tricky to explain)