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credential 12-28-2010 01:47 PM

Using Time Machine - wireless backup or USB Drive?
Good day.

As a new MBP user (bought new 2 months ago), I was intrigued by the Time Capsule. That said, I had a relative experience issues 2 years ago with it and he recommended not to purchase the TC. (I purchase the AEBS instead). The issue he had back then was that if he happened to close the lid on his Mac Book while it was in the middle of a backup, it corrupted the backup files on his Time Capsule hard drive and he ended up having to reformat the entire drive. (I have read about others who experience this back in 2008, but I haven't been able to confirm if this has been fixed by Apple). His advice was to perform the backups simply by plugging an external hard drive into the MCB via the USB port to perform backups.

That was my intention, but with the continuous backups that the TM offers, I can't let go of that idea just yet. Given that I don't want to keep an external hard drive permanently connected to my MBP, I'd like to revisit the idea of purchasing an external hard drive, connecting it to my AEBS via USB port and having TM constantly perform the backups. Needless to say, I don't want to do that unless Apple has corrected the issue with corrupted backup files above.

So, my anyone aware of this issue and do you know if Apple has provided any fixes to it?

chscag 12-28-2010 03:36 PM

Moved to appropriate forum.

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