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    Question cannot, in any way, tried every option, get airport extreme working
    hello people. i have a huge problem. i recently purchased an airport extreme base station, in order to actually have wifi that traveled through more than 1 wall. so i buy apple, because it is the best.

    then, i get home, and days later, i still have no wifi. i have tried almost every configuration possible, including bridge mode, dhcp, and a few others as well.

    i am very experianced with android and linux systems, but this little thing has got me beat. can anybody help me?

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    The base station is just another router and all have their faults being intricate FREDS!
    Problem sounds like in the set up. What Airport Card/computer are you using?
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    Can you please give us more info? First, how is everything connected up? What internet do you have? It should have a modem. Is that plugged into the right port in the back of the Airport Extreme? Are you using the Airport Utility in the Applications/Utilities folder to set it up? Tell us exactly what you are doing with the settings.

    Does it work as a Wired router and is it only the Wireless that you are having issues with? Are you using this as a router plugged into your DSL/Cable modem or just a WiFi Access point? What other equipment is connected to the AE?

    With that info we can better help you.

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