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    Help setting up a VPN between IMac and PC
    Could anyone tell me how to setup a VPN betwwen my office PC and my IMac at home, I currently use ARD2.2 and TightVNC on the office pc but this doesn't support file transfer.
    My office pc has a Linksys broadband router WAG54G and My Imac has a netgear DG834G v2.
    I believe I would need a VPN server and a VPN client but not sure which to get and how to set this up.
    Any help appreciated.


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    Maybe follow the directions here on the PC, and use the Internet Connect app on your Mac?

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    Actually it does support file transfer.

    In the Mac and PC RDP properties you can select what resources you'd like to map, ie printers and drives. Just select drives and you're local hd will show up in My Computer.

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