I wasn't too sure which forum to post this in as it probably covers a couple, so Mods, please feel free to move it.

Currently, I have a 27" iMac, a MBP and a MBA 11".

I have a USB passport drive that contains the following:

Set up like this, I can plug the passport drive into any of the three Macs and have iTunes work with the same playlist etc. on each machine.

I can then also sync my iPhone to any of the three machines having used a Symbolic link on each machine to the MobileSync folder on the Passport drive.

iTunes currently sees the Media Folder like this:

If I were to connect the Passport drive directly to my Time Capsule, how would I need to configure iTunes and would the iTunes library being shared by three machines in this way cause any issues as long as only one machine is accessing it at a time? It's not currently an issue as the Passport gets physically connected to each machine I want to use it with.

Once I've established that this works okay, I want to configure it so that I can access the same library with my MBP or MBA when outside of my LAN.

How would I then need to enter the location of the library into iTunes and can I create a Symbolic Link to point to a location on the Passport outside of my LAN?