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    Does the Time Capsule work without hard drive

    I own the latest-model Time Capsule with a 1TB drive. I wondered if I could take out the drive and thus make it work as an Airport Extreme (I only need it to generate my wireless-n network). The reason is that I don't need a network attached drive anymore and I want to reuse the drive in a separate FW800 enclosure for different purposes.


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    After taking out the hard drive the time capsule turned on but I am not sure it actually did anything. I believe there is actually some code that sits on the hard drive. If you look at the partitions there is the data partition plus 2 hidden partitions. My guess is that no it won't work without the drive in.

    Unless you have a really busy network - putting the drive in a FW800 won't speed up access by very much.

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    Hi IvanLasston,

    Thanks for the reply. i had no high hopes anyway. The reason I want to switch is so that i could encrypt my drive. As far as i could see, there is no possibility to secure my data properly on a Time Capsule (excluding Filevault solutions) like with full disk encryption.

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