Hi All,

I have a problem with access rights on folders created in the "Shared" folder in my mac mini.

I'm running OSx 10.6.4 on the mac Mini and unRaid Server Pro version 4.5.4 on the NAS machine.

The default and only user on the system is MM Living and has NO password
I have created a folder called Convert in the Shared folder.

The access rights on the folders are like this:
Folder: /Users/Shared
system R/W
wheel R/W
everyone R/W

Folder /Users/Shared/Convert
MM_Living R/W
wheel R/W
everyone R/W

The access rights setup in the Sharing section of the System preferences are:
MM Living R/W
System Group R/W
Everyone R/W

The shares are available through AFP and SMB. I have not set a user account in the SMB section.

The share Convert is used by our unRaid server to store files that have to be converted.
In the unRaid server i use the command mount -t smbfs -o username=MMLiving,password= //xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/Convert /mnt/smbshare/Convert to mount the share

When i create a folder in the mounted share (from within the unRaid server) i get these access rights on the mac Mini.
nobody R/W
wheel R
everyone R
Files created in the folder have the same rights as the folder.

What can i do to make sure that Folders and Files created in the shared Convert folder have the rights i have defined in the Sharing section of the System preferences.
I hope some one can help me with this as i am a noob on both mac and linux.