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    Nope. One of the finest routers in fact with also a Firewall appliance. The PING was exactly the same with my Linksys WRT54GL which is arguably one of the best G routers ever made. Same with my Airport Extreme and every other router.

    I can not ever remember the routers Local IP in my Ping to anywhere.

    What it could be is that most of, at least good routers have I have used, have an option to not allow them to be Pinged. I always have that option checked.

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    Well, I got a new modem. And now trace route works normally. (Initial hop is a 10.x address, probably my modem's second identity?).

    Hasn't fixed my in-game latency with World of Warcraft, which is what led me to do a trace route in the first place. But that's an issue for a separate forum.

    Thank you all for your help.

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