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    Why is Airport turned on and can people see my computer?
    I recently bought a Mac laptop. I noticed that the Mac's wireless thing, Airport, was turned on by default. I've never had a computer that had wireless turned on be default, and was wondering why it's turned on from the get-go. I was also wondering if people could have seen my computer since Airport was turned on. For example, if my name was Doug and since Airport was turned on, would other computers see a listing of "Doug's Mac" or any other listing at all for my computer?

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Assuming you have reasonably secure password set up, no one will be able to see 'Doug' Mac' however if it is a worry go into System Preferences > Network > Advanced and select the option to turn Airport on or off, or turn off when logging out.

    Also helps if you provide computer details and operating system as Tiger, leopard and Snow Leopard do have slightly different System Preferences.

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    Hi there. I'm using a 13 inch white Macbook that has the latest version of Snow Leopard on it.

    I have airport turned off which is the way I want it since I don't have wireless internet and I hear leaving airport on can drain your battery. I'm kind of worried because Airport was turned on without me telling it to be on, and I didn't use a strong password when I first got my Mac.

    Can't be too careful these days, and I know one of my neighbors has malware issues since I'm the one who has to help him fix them. He has a windows computer and I know that the malware situations are WAY different on Mac, but I wondered if he could have some sort of automated malware that would seek out wireless connections and try connecting to them. I know he had a DNS changer on there and I know my Airport was on.

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