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    How to see/use a shared WIN VISTA folder on iMAC 10.6.4?
    Morning guys and sorry for the the boring topic which, I am sure it's the the most common problem in the universe. Sharing stuff between WIn and MAC and viceversa.

    I have tried to find something in the forum but nothing really helps me to fix the problem.

    I have just bought an iMAC with MAC OS 10.6.4 and I have also a HP laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium.

    Now, I have shared a folder on my iMAC and I am able to see and use it on my laptop but I am not able to share an existing folder on my laptop and see and use it on the iMAC.

    The folder I want see and use on the iMAC is already shared on Windows and both computer are on the same workgroup name etc..

    Any help please?? I am absolutely new in the MAC world so sorry if it's a stupid problem :-(

    Thank you

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    Sounds like you got it part way working - for reference for others
    Mac 101: File sharing
    Which is the part it sounds like you got working.

    How have you tried to get to the folders? One sure almost sure fire way is to go to finder -> Go menu -> connect to server
    In the field enter
    replacing the ip address with the proper ipaddress of your laptop - or if it resolvable put in the name of the laptop.

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