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Thread: Low wifi signal

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    Low wifi signal
    Alright so this is my first time in a forum and my problem is that on my macbook, my wifi signal strength is really low or sometimes won't even register that there is a wifi signal, and this is everywhere I go if im not in direct sight of the router I get a low or no signal. Now I now my wifi at my house is fine because i can walk down the road ten houses and still get great reception on my iPhone4. How do I determine if my airport is bad or what the problem is. It's so frustating that most of the time I have to tether

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    I'm just wondering if maybe one of the antenna connections inside the Mac may have been jarred loose (you have not droped or bumped it very hard??) .. seeing that when you are very close to the Wireless router it works.. Can you take it to Apple and have them look at it .. Unless you are willing to open it up your self.
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    So i opened up the macbook (Thank you Mac Book Medics) and found the antenna connections secure, and yes this mac has incurred alot of bumps and drops. It is a 2006 and I repair appliances, on average the mac is opened and closed over 30 times a day(maybe broken antenna?) I will now try the link but Im not sure if its intel based? Snow leopard arrives in a couple days!

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