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    Setting up NAS behind Airport + VoIP for Internet Access
    I've been looking at a number of posts related to my issue (setting up my NAS to be available from the internet - I have no problems within my home network), but haven't found the right answer yet.

    My internet comes into my cable modem, then goes into my Vonage (VoIP) router, then into my Airport Extreme (wireless n version, circa ~June 2008). The NAS (D-Link DNS-323) connects to the Airport Extreme (as does my iMac... several other things connect wirelessly). The Airport is set to Create a Wireless Network, but the Internet Connection is set to "Off (Bridge Mode)," because of having the VoIP router between the cable modem and the Airport.

    I know I need to change this last setting to "Share a Public IP Address" to do port forwarding/mapping, but if I do that then the Airport doesn't get its internet connection. I also get an error that there is a WAN IP conflict with the DHCP range, and although I've expanded the range, that error persists (but I assume that this is a relatively easy fix, I just haven't dug into that one yet because I need there to be an internet connection!).

    Maybe I need to figure out how to forward a port from the VoIP router to the Airport, and in turn forward that to the NAS? But ideally there's a way to "Share a Public IP..." and accomplish everything...

    I'm happy to provide whatever other detail you may need to offer advice, but I'm curious what the setup should or could be as I originally set everything up 'automatically,' i.e. not in manual setup.

    Lastly, the main goal of having the NAS available online is so that I can get my iPad to see the files (which reminds me, if somebody has a suggestion for doing this within the home network, that would save me some searching). The secondary goal would be to see the NAS remotely, a useful option, if not essential.

    Thanks in advance for any help...

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    To be clear - your Vonage router is what is routing no? From what you explained your Airport Extreme is just another device on the internal network. You don't really need to adjust anything on the AEBS - You want to setup the Vonage Router to port forward to your NAS - if I understand you correctly.

    I have a similar setup - where I have a Time Capsule (which is just a NAS in my case) setup as bridged. I have a modem - that connects to a Netgear router - which does the routing for me - the Time Capsule connects to the Netgear. The Netgear is the actual router and where I can setup port forwarding.

    I do not recommend opening ports to the internet unless you understand the security ramifications of doing so. It is pretty dangerous as you will be vulnerable to port scans, port exploits, and you'll have to make sure anything listening on the ports are always up to date. Why not try teamviewer
    TeamViewer App for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

    If you are convinced that you really want to connect through ports - I would suggest running something like port forwarding through SSH. Then at least your traffic is encrypted, and you'd have to log in - hopefully with an rsa key not a password.

    I have a linux server - serving SSH - so I can access my Time Capsule disk (or any other computer) on my internal network.

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