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    Wireless Connection Help -- Kind of Clueless
    Hello everyone,

    So, I'm not going to pretend that I know much of anything about wireless networks, etc., considering the only wireless connection that I've used up to this point has either been the one at my house (which was always completely stable and I never had issues with) or somewhere that offered free Wi-Fi, which was sometimes shoddy but usually not a big deal.

    That being said, I just moved into a new apartment as I am going away to college, and I am having some serious wireless issues. I've read the FAQs and stickies at the top of the forum and am still not exactly sure what to do; basically, the connection is very shoddy at best, with the black bars on the AirPort button on the top menu being full until I actually click on the button, at which time the button states "AirPort: Scanning ..."

    The other Mac users in my apartment are having the same problems, but when we brought it up to the provider they did not seem very supportive. Normally I would just deal with the problem myself, but considering the fact that I am taking several online and web-based courses this semester, it is imperative that I have a stable wireless connection. I thought about getting some kind of Ethernet cable or something like that, but the only outlet that is in my room is a standard phone jack and nothing else, so I don't know how I would get that to work.

    I also researched a bit on the Apple store and found the "Airport Express Base Station," (found here), which apparently generates a wireless network on its own, but I am not exactly sure that is what I am looking for -- since the wireless it generates would still technically just run off the (admittedly terrible) signal it is already picking up, correct?

    Basically, I just need to know the best way to go about getting a more stable connection to use for taking online tests, etc. (I don't really prefer going somewhere else to do all of my online coursework since it's going to be quite a lot) -- especially given I only have a phone jack, no router, etc. or anything. Any tips?

    Anyway, my apologies for such a haphazard post . . . this issue has just been frustrating me to no end since I moved into my new place, and it is something that needs to be taken care of ASAP but that no one that I live with has any clue about -- so I turn to you guys, the experts. Any advice you can provide -- even if it is just "RTFM" (just tell me which manual, lol) or something like that -- would be appreciated.

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    So you have wi-fi provided in the apartment? I.e. you have no control over the router or which internet provider you use?

    The first thing I'd look for is an ethernet port in the apartment, which sounds like what you've done already. If there isn't one then the provided wi-fi is all you've got to work with I'm afraid.

    An Airport Express can create a wi-fi network but needs to connect by ethernet cable to a router etc to get an internet connection, so without that this is a dead end.

    So... without control over the router or wifi yourself your only recourse is to go to whoever runs/owns it and discuss th issue (again, sounds like you've tried this).

    If i've mis-interpreted anything or just plain got it wrong! Post back and I'll try again

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