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    Internet speed good - browsers painfully slow
    Ran a speed test and the results seem to show that my internet speed is pretty good (, however, on any browser that I use on either of the computers connected to my wireless internet are extremely slow all of a sudden (within the last month). Any suggestions?

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    How full is your hard drive?

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    Moved to appropriate forum.

    Since the slowdowns are occurring on more than one machine attached to the same wireless network, it could be a DNS problem. (Unless like chas mentioned your hard drives are close to being filled up)

    You didn't mention anything else about hardware or other details, but you might want to take a look at your DNS setting. You have a fast connection but that doesn't mean much if the DNS server your ISP is using has recently changed or is having difficulty keeping up with traffic.

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    Follow up

    I have plenty of HD capacity - only using 104gb/595gb

    How would I go about checking for a DNS problem?

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    Another clue?
    When I log into Citrix and use the browser (IE) through Citrix, it works well and is 10x faster than the browsers on my desktop. Does that make sense?

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