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    Network Printing

    (First post, and new to Mac's so handle with care! )

    I have just bought a Samsung ML-1210, and I am trying to connect to it over a network (using a parallel port print server, D-Link DP301+). This printer has been configured, and test prints from Winbloze have been successful.

    How do I configure it for an iBook (OS-X 10.2)?

    I have installed the printer drivers, and get to the following point in configuring...

    1) Add printer
    2) It sees the print server, but I do not know if I should choose IP printing, or Apple Talk - plus it does not display any Samsung printers - and I do not know where to go looking for them within the system! If I select Appletalk, and then try auto select on the printer type, but it fails, giving me the option to manually select. The same happens with IP Printing. I have even managed to get the data light flashing on the printer! (but no prints)

    Thanks in advance, I can provide more details if needed!


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    my print server is an older mac, so appletalk is needed for mine to work. if your print server is connected to your network, your ibook should find it using rendezvous technology. can you give us a quick diagram of your setup and what its connected by?

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    Quite simply it goes...

    iBook(G3) -> Switch (hub)-> Parallel port print server in back of ML1210

    (The network is 10/100Mb switchable, My Windows machine, and Linux box are also plugged into the switch)

    What is Rendezvous?

    One thing which is confusing me, is that although I have installed the printer drviers. There are no entries under Printer Model for Samsung, and I do not know where I should search with the manual option..... :confused:



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