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    New iMac 27" not working with wifi
    Hi all,

    I recently purchased one of the new iMacs yesterday and it is having trouble with my wireless internet. I have had a Macbook for 3 years on this connection and it runs perfectly fine at full strength from this same position as my iMac. The internet works but it is so slow and can't load a youtube page and barely my emails. I don't know anything about routers or how to fix them either. SHould i just go buy a new router?

    Thanks all!

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    First, let's move this to the correct forum.

    The slow loading of pages is probably not due to the router but the settings that you're using on your new iMac. Open System Preferences, Network, and check the settings for Airport. Specifically the advanced settings. You can compare the settings there with what you're using for your MacBook.


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    Thanks chscag,

    I tried these steps but nothing is different. Only the IP address differs by 1 character and the NetBIOS Name is different. Everything else is identical. Any other suggestions?

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    Just a quick question. Is the OS exactly the same on both your Macbook and the new iMac? You using Safari and if so same version on both machines?

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