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    Printer Has Mysteriously Disappeared, Can't Be Found...
    So I bought a Airport Express a few months back, its been incredibly reliable and the best all around router I've ever had. I have my printer hooked up to it via USB and all the computers on the network can print on it no problem.

    So I went to print something this morning, and the print utility thing popped up the little red flag on the print icon in the Dock and I tried canceling the print job and resubmitting said it was "trying to find the printer"...

    The printer is ON and connected to the Airport Express...So then I tried deleting and re-adding the printer...but after I deleted it, it just completely disappeared...?

    What is going on here?!

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    I'd completely unplug and disconnect the printer, then try re-connecting it. It sounds like the printer has suffered either an electrical shock or a mechanical failure.

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