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    Wireless stop working on my Macbook Pro
    Hi everyone,
    I got my first Macbook Pro few days ago and everything seemed to work well.
    I connected my MAC to the wireless connection I have at home and it gets disconnected from internet within few hours of using it (it last more or less every time).
    I am using the internet and it suddenly stop working. I have to go to the router's website and reboot it in order to open any website again. This have happened to me like 6 times already and I'm tired of this.

    I have Bell and I have 2 other computers connected by ethernet and they have no problem at all, it just affects my macbook pro, my other PC computer and my cell phone (all electronics I have connected wireless).

    When I try disconnecting and connecting again, it says "Connection Timeout" and I can't open the router's website either.

    Any ideas what might be happening?

    Edit: I forgot to mention that it only stop working when I use my Macbook and I'm running


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    Jul 13, 2010

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