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    Unhappy Issue connecting to Airport Extreme with DSL service
    I recently switched from comcast cable internet to AT&T u-verse DSL and am having difficulty connecting to my airport extreme using DHCP on my computer. The airport extreme worked perfectly well with comcast however once I set up the DSL my airport utility notified me of a double NAT issue that required switching from a shared IP address setting to the "bridged mode" setting. I have been able to connect to my airport by setting up a static IP address on my macbook however my roommate has a windows system and even after manual configuration he has not been able to connect to the extreme. I am not highly competent with the technical aspects of IP addreses, DNS servers, NAT, and so on, thus fervent googling has thus far proved futile. This is my first post and I would appreciate any help you may have for me.

    Thank you.

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    I use my Airport Extreme with Uverse also.

    Uverse isn't really like traditional DSL, it acts more like cable internet, but it does require it's own gateway to be used so it makes the setup of that gateway plus another router a little more tricky.

    Uverse actually has an awesome forum community on AT&T's site with some really great instructions on how to set it all up, that's what I followed. Rather than copy it all, just visit this thread:

    UVerse and Airport Extreme - AT&T U-verse Community

    But my honest advice would be that unless there's something that the Airport does for you that the Uverse gateway doesn't, I would just use the Uverse gateway rather than try to have two routers as it will lower the complexity of your network a lot.
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