Hey guys,
Ever since i let my sister use my 27" iMac for one night to watch movies, its been playing up. She turned it off at the powerpoint because she couldnt find out how to turn my speakers off.
The next morning, I booted it up and it came up with the loading bar, as if to update. It then went away, and the little thing under the Apple logo kept spinning. It booted up after this and took me to my login.

This happened for about a week or two, untill my mac refused to get passed the spinning thing under the Apple logo. It just sat there. This happens all the time now, and occassionally it takes me to my login. But only when it feels like it. Reminds me of windows!

When i finally got into Mac OSX, the internet wouldnt connect at all. It didnt retreive an IP adress. I restarted the Mac and the internet worked slowly.

I got sick of trying to convince the Mac to let me use OSX, so i started booting into Windows 7. EVERYTHING works fine in windows, except when my GFX gets too hot and wierd spots come on the screen. And then it freezes for a second. But i use SpeedFan which apparently OC's your fans. My dad thinks it might have something to do with that.

I have tried using manual settings on Airport, reseting my routers restarting my routers, and everything else i could. But nothing worked. I googled it, and people have either had really slow internet speeds or crap internet connections that aren't really similar to mine.

I have an early 2010 27" iMac with the i7, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, Windows 7 partioned with 100GB.

So right now, I am using Windows 7 to write this up. Yes the same copy that wants me to register it for the second time... God help me.

ANY help is appreaciated guys!


- James.