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    Macbook doesn't see home network
    Had my OSX 10.6.2 macbook for a few months now and this problem has been constant:

    Most of the time, my mac has no idea my home network exists. It's not in the finder, not in the spotlight, recently opened network files have disappeared, there's just no way to find it. However maybe 1 out of 6 times, it does see the network, and works fine. I don't change any settings in between, it either works or it doesn't with each restart. I've tried restarting over and over hoping to get lucky, but that never works, it seems like it has to just decide to work on its own the next day. Extremely frustrating.

    My network is both wired and wireless, and the PCs always see the mac. Ideas??

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    How did you resolve your problem?
    How did you resolve your problem? My daughter is having similar issues here at home with the Mac Book I gave her. She has no problem with connectivity around campus, at Wi-Fi hotspots, or even at her college apartment (with an inexpensive Dlink wireless access point). But here on our home network with a similar access point, she's unable to get online. The Mac Book "sees" the SIDD, and the WPA password seems to be accepted, but she never gets access. Even wired access does not work for her. Yet, the family network is supporting a slew of PC desktops,PC laptops, printers and various Wi-Fi enabled handheld devices. Nothing but the Mac Book has an issue.

    I did a Google search and found that lots of folks have had similar problems with Mac notebooks for years, but I've not seen a solid explaination of what actually goes wrong, or of exactly how to fix whatever is causing the problem. I found some techniques posted several years ago that each reportedly solved some variation of the problem - by trial and error. None that I found seemed to have solved everyone's problem, and we've tried them all without success.

    It's been awhile since you posted. If you solved your problem we'd love to try your solution.

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