Hey all.
I am having a major issue with attempting to get a decent torrent speed.
I did a speed test and got 9.9 MBits
I attempted to torrent using Folx first, then Tried utorrent
My download speed does not top 135 Kbps
I assume this is a port forward issue?

I have the following set up.
Sagem Modem connected to Air Port Extreme (Airport is set to bridge mode)
this creates a wireless network that i access with
a Mac Mini
A Mac Book Pro
Ipad etc etc
I have assigned static I.P addresses to The mac Book and Airport

Now im new to this side of things but from everything i read on the net i need to enable portforwarding to get a great speed. (Is this my problem?)

With The sagem Router connected to the air port i cant use portmapping in air port as its in bridge mode.
I attempted setting up port forwarding for the sagem
(going to address
I forwarded the port that utorrent uses (Utorrent/preferences/network/ tcp PORT 57672)
i used Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router to see if the port was open... it reported it closed.
Torrent speed did not change.

I then read more that suggested i make the sagem the bridge and enable port forwarding on the extreme
I tried this but was unable to access the internet
(enabled bridge on sagem, set up PPPoE in airport utility under internet connection- but obviously took a wrong step as i could not get on the net.
Did a factory reset of modem and back to square one)

My understanding (and its limited) is that currently my set up is the reverese of what i tried (Moden is router, extreme is bridge) so i shouldnt need to adjust ports on extreme, just port forward sagem?

Basically ANY advice someone could give me?
Is there a step im taking wrong?

Im kinda desperate