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    Need help with wireless router settings
    Hello fellow MAC users!

    I have a Netgear WNR2000 wireless router.

    I'm wondering which type of settings, security related or not, would allow my MBP to preform it's best when surfing the world wide web.

    Plain WPA-PSK [TKIP], with it set on up to 300, 145, or 45mps is slower than a PC when surfing. Each page will take upwards of 10 seconds to fully load. And since I have a MAC, I have higher standards than that

    When I switch it to no security settings (open network), Safari loads pages reasonably fast, though still not comparable to one click and you're there which I have seen most MACs do connected to other networks.

    I had my buddy who has taken Networking classes configure it for me. He set the security to WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] at up to 300mps. We checked all the other mps settings and 300mps ran the fastest. It ran at god speed. It was finally one click and boom, you're there.
    But then I took my MBP into town with me thus disconnecting from my network to get coffee. The coffee shop had a secure, locked network. I connected to it by acquiring the password, but it went the same speed as I described earlier (min of 10 secs per page). So I decided to connect to the building's open network and it ran much faster, not god speed, but still faster than a locked network.

    I came back home, entered my network's password, and it did not go as fast as it did! I didn't change any of the MBP's settings.

    Are locked networks slower? Do I need to change some non-security related settings? Which settings will run fastest with MAC OS X?

    I want my god speed back! Someone help!!!!

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    Secure networks are generally not slower. What I think you're experiencing may be related to the DNS settings you're using. You might want to consider using a free public DNS server such as Google or OpenDNS. Get on the web and look up both and then try their respective DNS settings to see if it makes a difference.


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    you cant get a true bandwidth reading on a public WIFI cause you dont know what other people are doing, downloading etc etc at any given time.
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    I tried GoogleDNS.

    It was way fast at first. Then went back to boring speed.

    Any other suggestions besides OpenDNS?

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