Hello! so I really need help with this ASAP:

At work we use a Time Capsule for shared files and backups. I created an account for each computer and I'm backing up to these accounts using Time Machine. Great. But before backing up my computer, I need to sort it (we are a production company with about a cazillion duplicate files and folders, especially pictures). I've been busy with this for about 3 weeks, as we (honestly) have about 7TB of files between us in the office. These are mostly duplicate location pictures, and using the brilliant Tidy Up program I've been making a lot of progress.

Now for my problem. I copied a 100GB folder to the TC to make room on my Mac Pro. The idea was for this to be a temporary move. Now that I've freed some space, I copied the folder back to my computer. Literally hundreds of thousands of the pictures in this folder are locked. Deleting them from my computer is no problem, but I can't delete them from the TC, apparently I don't have permission to. I've tried Cmnd+Option+I and unlocked the whole lot of them, but they just lock themselves up again. So I can't delete this stupid folder from the TC and it's wasting 100GB of space.

Now, I've looked around, and I'm not the only one with this problem. I've tried a lot of things, none of them work. I'm also willing to delete this entire account from the TC (but I can't delete the other accounts). When I try to do this in Airport, there is no erase option for specific accounts, only for the entire TC. I can remove the account, sure, but this doesn't actually free up any space, and when I recreate the account all the files are still there.

So if anyone was brave enough to read all of the above, your help will be VERY much appreciated.

Thanks, G