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    audio drops out in itunes/ PPC, X10.4.11, original Airport and Airport Express
    I just got a Macbook Pro with internal Airport, running X10.6.3. wirelessly connected to Airport Express, and it's connected to ethernet port of the DSL modem and external speakers, the DSL modem is connected to the PPC.
    I should also mention that I have broadband DSL modem (Westel 327W) via Verizon.
    I also have a PowerPC Quicksilver G4 with an original airport card runniing X10.4.11.
    Both the Airport card in the G4 and Airport Express are set up as per verizon. I have been able to share Itunes Library from the PPC to the MBPro.
    Here is the problem(s) when playing Itunes on the PPC the audio signal drops in and out, repeatedly, regardless of what I play, also, I am unable to get audio thru external speakers via Airport from Youtube on both the Macbook Pro and the Power PC.

    Some of what I've been reading online suggests that maybe there is an incompatibility with the Airport cards firmware, or the that Tiger and Leopard are incompatible.

    PPC G4, 800mhz.
    Original Airport Card
    Westell DSL modem (327W)
    Macbook Pro 2.8 mhz.
    Airport Express

    I'd sure like to fix both of these issues.

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    Welcome to the Forum. It sounds as though you have both units running wirelessly of Airport Express if that is the case then the Quicksilver with original airport card will drop both units to 8002.11b speed which probably means the the throughput is slower and being interrupted but the MBP taking its turn at getting data. Upgrading to a Dual Band Airport may be the easiest remedy.
    My thoughts - anyone else?

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