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    Hey guys whats up
    i got a problem with my new airport extreme
    I got a windows 7 desktop which I have remote desktop configured with RDP ports forwarded to it, on my old d-link i had no issues. Now with the airport i got some.
    I did a few things to configure this, i used the airport util on my MBP. I set the mac address of my desktop to static IP ending in .3, then configured port forwarding 3389 pointing to my IP, set all UDP and TCP private and public to that port. Also setup NAT to hit all incoming requests to the static ip i already set.
    I'm still unable to remote in externally.

    I have a URL setup with DYNDNS to hit my external IP from my ISP so all I have to do is type in the URL it hits the dns server finds my ip and then my router should forward the RDP request to my desktop but I cant get it working on my airport any ideas guys?

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    That should do it - but I'd highly recommend not opening ports like you did. It opens you up to a port scan and attack. 3389 is a well known port. See this article
    Unfettered access to port 3389 - THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS "DIVA"

    Anyway - without giving away information that would allow anyone to hack you - how do you attach to the rdc? If I were using dydns - I would think it would be

    And truthfully I do have a time capsule - but that sits behind my netgear router because I found that netgear comes with default software to configure dynamic dns - with the apple hardware - I'd need to run scripts on my computer to update dyndns.

    Consider using team viewer - I know it goes through a 3rd party but it works across mac/windows and is pretty easy to setup and use. Plus it has a built in file transfer.
    TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

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