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Thread: Cant get access to my Mac through FTP

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    Cant get access to my Mac through FTP
    Im trying to link up my Mac to my PC using FTP. Im using FlashFXP on my PC and when I connect to the Mac it connects but then after a few seconds it says USER anonymous then 530 User anonymous unknown then connection failed.

    The Mac and the PC are connected via ethernet cable to a router.

    Is this because my Mac doesn't like anonymous users? Is there a setting on the Mac where you can allow anonymous users?

    Thanks in advance

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    Most likely the anonymous user account is not defined.
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    If you are using the default ftp server on the Mac you need to use accont credentials that exist on the mac. I've created an account in sys prefs that is called ftp w/ pass specifically for this. You may want to install a different ftp server to use with OS X like Pure-FTP which uses sftp or secure ftp. If you're just using it on your LAN then the OS X default should serve your purpose.

    When connecting via windows you need to provide valid user/pass credentials that exist on your Mac and should be sharing just fine.

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