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    Hey all!

    First time here and I come with a pretty hefty question (I've been to the Mac store, spoken with their business IT professionals, etc. and still have yet to receive an answer), with hopes that someone on here will have a solution!

    I work at a small boutique creative marketing agency and am looking for an efficient way for document collaboration. There are 6 of us, all on macs (2009 Macbook Pros), and we'd like to integrate some form of server into our daily workflow.

    What is most important is that we can access a single file from multiple locations and be able to edit it and save it in its native form (ie: edit a Word document in .doc form and save it as .doc back on the server). We are currently using GoogleDocs which we hate in that once we need to transfer it to a better editing/presenting platform (.doc) a lot of the formatting is lost.

    We'd also need the permissions to allow someone to check in/check out the document. Or at least allow one person to open the file on the server and have it only be able to be accessed as "View Only" or "Read Only" by others when another user is editing it. I know this takes place on many other server types but according to the Business Solution folks at Apple, this does not happen on Mac OS X server. They said that multiple people can open the same document on the server and edit it at the same time (which leads to problems in that overwriting/loss of information can occur...two people editing at the same time and then saving with different edits...only the last saved version will be saved)

    Options I've looked into:
    MS Document Collaboration w/ Sharepoint
    -Sharepoint currently doesn't work with Mac (supposedly it will with MS Office 2010)
    -Can we run a Sharepoint server from a Mac Mini w/ OS X server?

    Final Cut Server (don't know much about this)

    Ideally we'd like to run a Mac Mini with OS X Server and be able to benefit from the it's other advantages in addition to document collaboration...but that's our main sticky point at the moment.

    Any information/direction would be tremendously appreciated.

    EDIT: We'd be running this through an Airport Extreme for wireless access.



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    My company uses a program from EMC called eRoom. It is pretty hefty in setup and price. I went looking and it looks like they have a hosted solution but the faq said something about $600/month to start. Anyway it seems that there are a few other software out there that don't seem to compete in the enterprise space.
    eroom - Google Search
    (The top paid links seem to be more inline for small business)
    Project Collaboration Made Easy: WorkZone
    Collaboration Software and Online Project Management for Businesses

    There is also backpack
    Intranet, Group Calendar, Small Business Organizer: Backpack

    Secondly - you can upload any document to google docs - it doesn't seem to have the integrated version management that an eroom implementation would have but then you shouldn't have the formatting issue you are talking about.

    You may be able to implement some form of subversion or CVS running on a local server.
    Apache Subversion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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