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    Time Capsule + Airport Expess
    I've been told that I can stream my iTunes music from an external hard disk connected via USB to a Time Capsule to an Airport Express connected to my WIFI without turning on the computer. Is that true? I can't see how I would be able to use my iPhone as remote to choose songs without iTunes running in a computer in the same network!


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    Time Capsule and Airport Express can both provide a wireless network. Airport Express can stream music from iTunes that is running on computer to Airport Express audio output. You can set up music and movies on an Ext HD and have iTunes find it from there but it needs a Terminal Command change to tell it to look on the Ext HD.
    Hope that helps.

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    The audio out of an Airport Express is called Airtunes.

    By default Airtunes needs a computer running itunes for this setup to work. It is how I actually have my network setup. I have a PC with itunes installed. The itunes library points to a folder on my time capsule - which actually resides on a USB hard drive from another time capsule (which died) - and I have Airport Expresses all over the house connected to various speaker systems. I can choose to send itunes audio to any and all speakers - and I can control it with Remote, a program on my iphone/ipod touch.

    I don't know of a way to send audio to airtunes without a computer. That being said - I can send any and all audio out of my computer using a program called Airfoil.
    Rogue Amoeba | Airfoil for Mac: Wireless Audio Around Your House
    This has made the Airport Express extremely useful as now I can stream napster, any video I am playing, or the whole system audio to any of my speakers. The other nice thing is there is a free program that they provide - which you can install on any computer - thus allowing you to stream to any computer speakers as well (or anything that a comptuer is hooked up to - I have a computer hooked up to my home theater and this is how I stream audio to it)

    So the answer to your original question AFAIK - is no - you need a computer.

    TMI - but hopefully that helps.

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    Thank you both for your information!

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    You can actually do this, well sort of. You don't use the Remote app on the iPhone, you use Music. So, essentially, you're not tapping into the iTunes library on your computer, but the songs you've downloaded from iTunes to your iPhone. Once you choose a song to play, look for an icon in the bottom right side of the screen, and it will give you the option to play on "iPhone" or "Airport Express". Pretty cool! Plus you'll see this same icon appear when playing a Youtube video. AND it will play the audio without latency.

    With iTunes Match now available, you can actually access all of the music on your computer's hard drive through the iCloud. And, again, without your computer being turned on.

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