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Thread: Error connecting from PC to USB hardrive on Airport Extreme

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    Error connecting from PC to USB hardrive on Airport Extreme

    got my Airport Extreme a couple days ago and have major problems connecting to USB hard disk from your PC (Vista SP2). I have no problems accessing the disk from my Macbook Pro.

    I've done the following, as described in the manual (case continues on the bottom of this post):

    Sharing and Securing USB Hard Disks Wed Your AirPort Extreme
    Base Station

    If you connect a USB hard drive two your AirPort Extreme Base Station, the two computers connected network, Both wireless and wired, can use it two back-up, large, and share files.

    Thurs share a USB hard disk on you network:

    1 Plug the hard disk Into the USB port on the back of the base station.

    2 Open AirPort Utility, located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder on a Mac, and in Start> All Programs> AirPort on a computer Using Windows

    3 Select your base station, and simply choose Manual Setup from the Base Station menu, or double-click the base station two open its configuration in a separate window. Enter the base station password if Necessary.

    4 Click Disks in the toolbar, and simply click File Sharing.

    5 Choose "With a disk password," or "With base station password" if you Want to secure the shared disk with a password, or choose "With accounts" if you Want to secure the disk overusing accounts.

    If you choose two use accounts, click Configure Accounts, click the Add (+) button, and simply enter a username and password for the user That Each class will access the disk.

    6 Choose "Not allowed", "Read only," or "Read and write two assign guest access the two disk.

    7 Select the "Share disks over Ethernet WAN port" checkbox if you Want two provider remote access the two disk over the WAN port.


    As said, connecting from the MBP is just fine. But the PC is useless. I've changed the name of the router to the name without spaces, I have turned off the firewall, I have rebooted all network devices, I've formatted the hard disk for both FAT32 and HFS +, but every time I use the Airport Base Station Agent in Vista to connect to the hard disk, I get a "wrong username or password" error message (error #67), both when I connect as a guest and when I connect with a username/password.

    The firmware in the router is version 7.5.1, the Airport utility installed on the PC is version 5.5.1 and I have no problemes connecting the PC to the wireless network and internet.

    What else can I do??

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